Ben Lorber is a journalist, organizer and activist. In 2011, he spent six months in the West Bank of Palestine, working as an activist with the International Solidarity Movement and a journalist the Alternative Information Center. In 2012, he spent nine months on the U.S.-Mexico border, working with the humanitarian aid group No More Deaths and participating in the migrant justice movement in Tucson, Arizona. In late 2012, he worked with Warehouse Workers for Justice in their struggle to organize low-paid, unorganized temp workers at a Walmart warehouse and distribution center outside of Chicago, IL. Since then, he has worked with the Alliance For A Greater New York (ALIGN) in New York City and Jobs with Justice in Chicago.

As a journalist, he has written extensively about the Palestinian liberation movement, the migrant justice movement in America, the historical and contemporary American labor movement, the legacy of Jewish activism in America, the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and more. His work has appeared in a variety of online and print publications, including The Abolitionist, In These Times, the Earth First! Journal, The Electronic Intifada, Tikkun, Jewish Currents, The Palestine Chronicle, The Indypendent, Green Left Weekly, +972mag, LINKS International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Occupied Palestine, the Monthly Review Zine, and many more. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Bard College and a Graduate Certificate of Labor Studies from the Murphy Institute at City University of New York.


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  1. Hello Mr. Lorber. My name is Marcello Di Cintio and I am going to be the writer-in-residence at the Palestine Writing Workshop this June. I am very interested in a story you wrote in Mondoweiss about the prisoners’ library in Nablus. I have a few questions. If you have the time, please drop me a line. My email is harmattan(at)telus(dot)net.


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